Patrick Kelly

Läs om Patrick Kellys syn på sin roll som lärare på Malmö International School och om varför han valt läraryrket.

”The school encourages me as a teacher to challenge myself in a pedagogical way. In terms of boundaries – I go beyond those. I’m proud to be part of an IB school under the umbrella of Malmö stad.”

What do you do at your job?

– I am a teacher of Language and Literature (English) in Malmö International School. I teach students in MYP1-4 equivalent to years 6–9 in Lgr11. My teaching is based on the IB programme which is inquiry based learning centred around the understanding of key concepts: Communication, Connections, Creativity and Perspective. There is an equal amount of language and literature input.

What’s the best part of being a teacher?

– To be able to motivate students and watch their development through the education system and, hopefully, to see them arrive at their destination of choice. Variety of job activity is another good part of teaching. Using all your capabilities is a good test. Thinking through a problem solving exercise with a student can be very rewarding.

What’s the best part of working within the primary schools of Malmö?

– Good back up from administration is a very positive aspect to working within Malmö’s school system. Facilities and opportunities are plentiful for staff and students. Also, Malmö is a progressive and exciting city at the heart of Europe. There is a constant challenge of change and development and a very high tempo.

What would you say to other teachers who are considering looking for work at primary schools in Malmö?

– Go for it! Malmö is as good as any other city to work in and the students make the job worthwhile. Malmö has a young population and therefore is very likely to be at the cutting edge of educational change. For a teacher coming into the job, Malmö will offer tomorrow’s education, today.

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