Temporary exhibitions

Rooms from the era of the Folkhem, the Swedish Welfare State

2 December 2016–2 April 2017
The exhibition consists of photographs from the Nordic Museum's collections with a focus on living ideals in 1930-1960 and a photo documentation of vulnerable EU migrants in Malmö 2014–2015.

We are roma

2 October 2016–1 September 2017
Meet the people behind the myth. This is the exhibition where Roma tell about their everyday life and history.

Stripes, Checks, Dots

© Andreas Nilsson / Malmö Museer

Until the end of 2017
Stripes, Checks, Dots are common patterns. They are so common that we don´t think of them. But they have a meaning. In this exhibition we present stripes, checks and dots on clothing and in other contexts.

The 12th player

Until 11 December 2016
Faith, hope and love for a football team. A mini exhibition about being a supporter in god times and in bad.

An animal lover in Rosengård

11 June 2016–8 January 2017
For a year the Rosengård Library and Malmö Museer have worked together on a project about animals in our local environment. At the library the animal of the month is featured in a display case every month. It is a small mammal or bird that lives in Rosengård. Inspired by the animal of the month visitors could write their own story and draw a picture. Here we present all twelve animals and all the competition entries. Please enjoy them!