Temporary exhibitions

Through thick and thin

© Jonna & Tammy Bergström

21 januari–16 april 2017, Slottsholmen
Through the eyes of the photographers Jonna and Tammy Bergström we get to look at the wildlife from the south of Sweden through new and unexpected perspectives. The sisters grew up in Limhamn, Malmö. They have developed as photographers together and inspired each other to work in new ways. They often work with close-ups and have taken close-up photography to new heights. The sisters won the Swedish price Wildlife photographer(s) of the year in 2013.

Rooms from the era of the Folkhem, the Swedish Welfare State

Foto: Nordiska museet

2 December 2016–2 April 2017
The exhibition consists of photographs from the Nordic Museum's collections with a focus on living ideals in 1930-1960 and a photo documentation of vulnerable EU migrants in Malmö 2014–2015.

We are roma

2 October 2016–1 September 2017
Meet the people behind the myth. This is the exhibition where Roma tell about their everyday life and history.

Stripes, Checks, Dots

Until the end of 2017
Stripes, Checks, Dots are common patterns. They are so common that we don´t think of them. But they have a meaning. In this exhibition we present stripes, checks and dots on clothing and in other contexts.