Temporary exhibitions autumn/winter 2017

Printed for Christmas  - Christmas textiles with a focus on the 1950s and ’60s

23 September 2017­–7 January 2018

Decorating the home for Christmas is an old tradition that has varied over time. The first printed Christmas tablecloths appeared as early as the 1920s but it was not until the 1950s that designers and artists were hired to design tablecloths and hangings. The colours and forms also became bolder at this time.

This exhibition offers a cavalcade of patterns divided into the various themes of Christmas. It presents 11 designers and exhibits table settings with typical details from the 1920s and onwards. In cooperation with the Textile Museum of Sweden in Borås.

Love games

14 October 2017–7 January 2018

Are you interested in computer games? Do you play them yourself or would you like to know more about what they’re all about?

In Love games you encounter both fan art from the world of computer games and the Swedish history of computer games from the first game to the very latest. Try out the games and see paintings, illustrations and installations that are all linked to computer games. Produced by the Swedish computer museum Datamuseet IT-ceum.

Music behind bars

28 October 2017–31 May 2018
Women at Hinsteberg Prison have written and sung texts about life inside and outside of prison. In the exhibition you will discover more about them and listen to their experiences via the music. Musician Sara Thuresson, the initiator of the music project, worked with the women to create the texts and set them to music. The songs are collected on a record, Hinseberg. Hinseberg is a women-only prison located outside Örebro, Sweden. Produced by Xenofilia in cooperation with Malmö Museer.

Design for fragrance – bottles for liquid glamour

25 November 2017–25 June 2018
Art historian Christina Lindvall-Nordin shares her unique collection of perfume bottles. The exhibition is presented in Malmöhus Castle and is a nostalgic journey among world-famous perfumes from the 1700s to today. The Swedish perfume industry began in about 1850 and the museum presents examples of rare Swedish bottles from such sources as Zadigs in Malmö, Pauli, Barnängen, Hylin and Gahns.

A Taste of Hops

3 June 2017–May 2018


An exhibition about hops cultivating and home - brewing past and present.

In the ninth century hops were known as a good and tasty preservative for brewing beer. Hops is still an ingredient in beer, but is used only for the flavour.

Stripes, Checks, Dots

Until the end of 2017
Stripes, Checks, Dots are common patterns. They are so common that we don´t think of them. But they have a meaning. In this exhibition we present stripes, checks and dots on clothing and in other contexts.

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