Temporary exhibitions

A non-existent Malmö

Foto: Carolina Romare

Until September 2016, the Science and Maritime House
An exhibition at Malmö Museums about The Bridge featuring set designs, objects and props from the multi-award-winning television series. The central focus is on Saga’s brownish-green Porsche from 1977 and behind a cracked concrete façade you see into the universe of The Bridge.

Foto: Merja Diaz/Malmö Museer

The initial idea behind The Bridge was to create a series to be broadcast simultaneously in Sweden and Denmark. The team of actors and filmmakers would consist of both Swedes and Danes. A number of years later, success has become reality and the series has travelled around the whole world, meeting with praise from both viewers and critics. The Bridge has become an integration project in the world of fiction, with Hans Rosenfeldt as the lead writer.

"A non-existent Malmö" is produced in in collaboration with Filmlance, the production company behind The Bridge.

Stripes, Checks, Dots

© Andreas Nilsson / Malmö Museer

Until the end of 2017, Malmöhus Castle
Stripes, Checks, Dots are common patterns. They are so common that we don´t think of them. But they have a meaning. In this exhibition we present stripes, checks and dots on clothing and in other contexts.

The 12th player

From 3 April 2016, The Science and Maritime House
Faith, hope and love for a football team. A mini exhibition about being a supporter in god times and in bad.

Scissors for a Bruch – Karen Bit Vejle

28 May–11 September 2016, Malmöhus Castle
An exhibition created using scissors, paper, time and patience!

Oriental Rugs from the Collection of Mustafa Arhan

Until 2 October 2016, Malmöhus Castle
For 85 years the Arhan family has conveyed to Swedes knowledge about the fascinating art form of hand-knotted rugs. In 2012 Mustafa Arhan closed down his business after 50 successful years in Malmö.

Here we present a selection from Mustafa Arhan’s unique collection of hand-knotted Oriental workshop rugs, whose aim was to convey beauty, enjoyment, status and cultural richness.

An animal lover in Rosengård

11 June–11 September 2016
For a year the Rosengård Library and Malmö Museer have worked together on a project about animals in our local environment. At the library the animal of the month is featured in a display case every month. It is a small mammal or bird that lives in Rosengård. Inspired by the animal of the month visitors could write their own story and draw a picture. Here we present all twelve animals and all the competition entries. Please enjoy them!