Temporary exhibitions

A Taste of Hops

3 June 2017–May 2018


An exhibition about hops cultivating and home - brewing past and present.

In the ninth century hops were known as a good and tasty preservative for brewing beer. Hops is still an ingredient in beer, but is used only for the flavour.

Finnish Fireworks

6 May–24 September 2017, Slottsholmen

Foto: Merja Diaz/Malmö Museer

Dress, design Liisa Kotilainen. Chair, design Yrjö Kukkapuro.

Meet Finnish design in an exhibition that ranges from design classics like Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair to young designers on the threshold of making a breakthrough.

Finnish Fireworks celebrates Finland’s centenary of independence and is being co-organised with the Finnish design shop Finsk Form in Malmö.

The exhibition includes 12 reflections on Finland and Finnishness that mirror Sweden’s and Finland’s shared history and life today. Cartoons by Katja Tukiainen and photographs from the series Aino by Nina Backman is shown in the castle courtyard.

We are roma

2 October 2016–3 September 2017

Foto: Andreas Nilsson/Malmö Museer

Meet the people behind the myth. This is the exhibition where Roma tell about their everyday life and history - filled with alienation, camp life, activism, joy, traditions, music and hope.

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration with representatives from Roma groups, the Living History Forum, the Göteborg City Museum, freelance journalists and a photographer.

Stripes, Checks, Dots

Until the end of 2017
Stripes, Checks, Dots are common patterns. They are so common that we don´t think of them. But they have a meaning. In this exhibition we present stripes, checks and dots on clothing and in other contexts.

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