Investor relations

Here you'll find information on the City of Malmö's credit rating and loan programmes. You'll also find the City of Malmö's annual reports in English.

Credit rating

The credit rating agency Standard & Poor's have given the City of Malmo its highest possible long-term and short-term credit rating of AAA / Stable and A-1 +. The rating of the City of Malmö reflect its rapidly evolving local economy, which benefits from excellent integration within the dynamic Öresund region, strong management with record of budgetary commitment with negligible cost overruns, low tax-supported debt, and strong liquidity position. Sweden's stable and supportive local and regional government (LRG) system constitutes an additional positive rating factor.

Loan programmes

The City of Malmo has established a 10 000 MSEK Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme. The proceeds from issues of notes under the programme will be used for general financing purposes and the refinancing of existing debt of MKB Fastighets AB, the City´s wholly-owned real estate company.

The City of Malmö also has a 5000 MSEK domestic commercial paper programme.


Annual Report and Statement of Accounts City of Malmö 2015