Publicerad 2017-03-30 17:03

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Inauguration of the Marine Educational Center

The Marine Educational Center will meet 4 000 schoolchildren and 15 000 visitors all year around - and will be inaugurated by the minister for environment, Karolina Skog, on October 11th. 

Malmö is at the forefront when it comes to marine education and is right now building a new 700 m2 marine educational centre right at the beach. Together with the city of Malmö, SEA-U Marine Science Center offer educational programmes for schoolchildren of all ages - from pre-school up to university. All our programs are very hands on, we are mostly outdoors, in- or on the water, wading or snorkelling or out on a boat exploring. You get to touch, smell, feel and sometimes even taste the ocean and activating multiple senses like this facilitates understanding as well as stimulates learning.

Linn Johansson

Communications officer

City of Malmö

+46 72 967 53 65