Western Harbour / Bo01

Bo01, Western Harbour

Bo01 - City of Tomorrow is an entirely new district in the Western Harbour with residential buildings as well as offices, shops and other services.

The Western Harbour has in a couple of decades trans-formed itself from being an industrial park into becoming an area for knowledge and sustainable living. Since the closing of Kockums machine halls and cranes have been making way for parks, swimming areas, schools, and living accommodations. Malmö University opened in 1998 and 3 years later the European home fair Bo01. These two milestones marked the start for a new urban area coming to life in Malmö.

The aim is for the district to be an internationally leading example of environmental adaptation of a densely built urban environment. It will also be a driving force in Malmö's development towards environmental sustainability. Bo01 is the first development stage of Västra Hamnen (The Western harbour) one of Malmö´s growth areas of the future.The area is typical of urban redundant industrial land with contamination and affected environment. The area has, at the same time, many positive aspects in its location by the sea and next to the beach and the city centre. A fundamental ecological approach to planning, building and construction is a key tool in the creation of the district.