Shanghai expo 2010

Urban Everyday Travel

- in focus at the World Expo Shanghai in July 2010

As the city of Malmö expands, the amount of transport and the number of journeys increase. Our exhibition focuses on the enormous efforts that we are making to meet the demands of a sustainable transport system and the community that it serves.

Set against a lively illustration depicting the urban fabric and people of Malmö, visitors can experience the increase of walking, cycling and travelling by public transport.

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The following themes are presented at the UBPA-exhibition:

  • Malmö By Bike
  • Attractive Public Transport
  • The Walkable City
  • Sustainable Everyday Travel in the Western Harbour
  • Public and Corporate Cooperation
  • No Ridiculous Car Journeys
  • Inspirational Ideas for Bicycle Parking:

Bicycle Parking Book, chapter 1-2
Bicycle Parking Book, chapter 3-4
Bicycle Parking Book, chapter 5-6

  • Parascopes — Involving Citizens for a Better Traffic Environment:

Parascopes article - in English
Parascopes article - in Chinese

See you at the Urban Best Practise Area in Shanghai!