For the business sector in response to the Corona virus and Covid-19

Here we present information about what support we can give to companies and which measures we are implementing to reduce the negative effects on the business sector. Because the situation can change very quickly, we recommend that you also keep updated through government websites.


The City of Malmö’s municipal guidance service for businesses, Företagslots, has strengthened its advisory service

We have strengthened Företagslots and offer guidance and information to help business owners with measures taken by the City of Malmö. We have also updated on national support packages and other options.

You can reach our reinforced consultation service by phone 040-34 10 00 and by e-mail Företagslots is open weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00.

The City of Malmö’s measures for the business sector

Shorter payment period for suppliers to the City of Malmö

City of Malmö-run operations are encouraged to pay supplier invoices earlier than the date specified by the supplier as the last payment date and to ensure that all invoices are paid within 15 days. Health, care and welfare management are excluded, as they are under considerable pressure and need to focus their resources.

Free-of charge opportunities for expanded sales outside shops and opportunity to arrange takeaway outside restaurants

The City of Malmö is introducing opportunities for extended sales outside shops without the shops having to pay a fee to the municipality. It will also be possible to arrange for collection of takeaway food outside of restaurants. Food management must be in line with the applicable rules.

Authorisation must still be sought and given by the police.

For 2020, the City of Malmö is retroactively removing the land lease fee normally charged, for example, for outdoor dining

The municipal Council has decided to waive all charges for the leasing of buildings, sales places, outdoor terraces and merchandise displays for 2020. All holders of permits who have paid fees for 2020 will receive their money back and the invoices that have not been paid will be deleted.

Deferral of charges for water, discharge and waste disposal

The City of Malmö is working to ensure that companies requesting a period of grace are granted this for water, discharge and waste collection fees.

Deferment of fees relating to authorisation and supervisory matters

The City of Malmö will provide for a postponement of certain fees related to the City's authorisation and supervision activities. We will show sensitivity and extend deadlines for authorisation and supervisory cases where possible.

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