Economic aid

In 2019 there were fewer households receiving economic aid in comparison with previous years. The municipality's job market initiatives during the year have focussed on people with economic aid in order to increase their likelihood of self-reliance.

The percentage of aid recipients in Malmö is

Households receiving economic aid

In 2019, the average households received economic aid for each month was 9,566. This is a decrease from 2018 and a trend that has continued since 2016. However, the total cost has increased due to a change in the national standard and higher costs of living.

Average per month in 2019

Higher costs

Although fewer households received financial assistance, the total cost increased by 6.5 per cent in comparison with 2018. The net cost for economic aid was SEK 1,097 million in 2019.

The increase in average number of households per month, increased national standard and increased housing costs for current households contribute to the increase in costs.

Net cost
1,097 million

Fewer young adults receive economic aid

In 2019, 14 per cent of young adults were granted economic aid. That is fewer than the previous year. The development can be attributed to initiatives within the municipality and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

14 %
young adults