Housing & homelessness

Roughly 1,900 homes have been built per year over the past ten years in Malmö. At the same time, the population has increased by roughly 5,000 people per year. In recent years, housing construction has taken place in step with the population increase for the first time.

New homes in 2020

Housing construction

Approximately 3,580 new homes were completed and 3,120 construction projects were begun. Construction in Malmö took place on a greater scale in comparison with other regions in Sweden.

Housing construction took place throughout Malmö, but the emphasis was in the expanding areas of Hyllie, Norra Sorgenfri, Västra Hamnen and the Limhamn port area, as well as the small home construction in Bunkeflostrand, Oxie and Tygelsjö

Construction projects began during 2020

 Need for housing

In order to cover the need for housing for Malmö's growing population, some 20,000 new homes will be needed over the coming 10 years. There is also an unmet need for housing because the pace of earlier housing construction did not match the population increase.

Requirement for new homes


As of 1 October 2020, there were 1,112 homeless adults in Malmö. That is a decrease by 243 people from the same time the previous year. Then number of children in homeless families has been decreased from 692 to 417.

Structural homelessness is the greatest cause of homelessness in Malmö, i.e. when a person does not have their own place of residence due to economic factors associated with acquiring a residence (571 people). Social homelessness is the term for people with substance abuse problems and/or mental illness who are in need of support from social services (541 people).

homeless adults
(1 oktober 2020)