Malmö is a growing city. In 20 years, Malmö has about 46,200 new workplaces. At the same time, Malmö faces challenges regarding unemployment.

Number of workplaces in Malmö

Workplaces in Malmö

The trend of the number of new workplaces in Malmö has increased by about 46,200 (2020, SCB) over the past 20 years. It is primarily the areas of business services, education and the hotel and restaurant sector that have increased over the past 10 years.

new workplaces to Malmö in the last 20 years

Employment rate in Malmö

The employment rate in Malmö is 67.8 per cent. Malmö's employment rate is lower than the other large cities and the national average (78.3 per cent), but has increased successively since 2009. (RAMS SCB)

The percentage of the population ages 20-64 that was professionally employed in 2020 (RAMS SCB)

Commuters to and from Malmö

Approximately 7,400 Malmö residents commuted from Malmö to Denmark during the third quarter of 2017 (Ørestat). 74,087 people commuted to Malmö from other municipalities, while 36,910 people commuted to other municipalities in Sweden from Malmö. (2020, SCB)

Commuters from Malmö to Denmark in 2017 (Ørestat)

Unemployment in Malmö

Unemployment in Malmö is increasing. In comparison with the national level of 8.5 % (percentage of the work force in December 2020), unemployment in Malmö remains at a high level. Unemployment is higher for men at 17.0 per cent than for women at 14.9 per cent (December 2020, Swedish Public Employment Service).

Despite the fact that there are many employment opportunities in Malmö, a large percentage of job-seekers are far removed from the job market. This is due to the discrepancy between job-seekers' competence and the demands from employers.

Percentage of unemployed persons ages 16-64 (per cent of the work force) December 2020.

Youth unemployment in Malmö

Youth unemployment is increasing in Malmö. The overall percentage of unemployed persons ages 18-24 in Malmö is 17.8 per cent. Youth unemployment is higher for men at 20.9 per cent than for women at 15.6 per cent. Unemployment is higher among youths born abroad and particularly high among young men ages 18–24 who were born abroad. (December 2020)

Youth unemployment in Malmö among persons ages 18-24 (per cent of the work force) December 2020.