SFI - Swedish for Immigrants

Immigrants who lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language have the right to study Swedish for Immigrants - SFI.

The students study SFI 15 hours a week. The students develop basic language skills and learn about how Swedish society is organized and its most fundamental values. The goal is to give the students enough knowledge of Swedish to communicate effectively in everyday situations, in their social lives and at work. These courses are available both during the day and in the evening.

To apply to study SFI for the first time, please contact the Immigration Service, Föreningsgatan 7 B, 3rd floor:
Bring your passport and a decision for admission or residence.
If you have received a Swedish civic registration number, bring your certificate or a Swedish ID card.

If you have studied SFI before, please apply at Vägledningscentrum Malmö, Föreningsgatan 9.
Please bring identification.
You must have a Swedish civic registration number and an address in Malmö.

On the National website you will find the syllabus for municipal adult education in Swedish for Immigrants translated into 24 different languages.

Headmasters SFI:

Yerk Liveröd
tel. 040- 34 29 24

Josephine Herslow
tel. 040-34 32 97

Andreas Eriksson
tel. 040- 34 31 11

Janet Nordqvist
tel. 040-34 30 37

Johanna Nordström
tel. 040-34 74 29

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