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Creating Archival Knowledge in a Digital World

Seminar 22-23 November 2018 at Lund University with the National Archives of Sweden and Malmö City Archives.

Archivists have always worked towards making records searchable and understandable in order to facilitate knowledge. During the last 30 years, several international standards have emerged, enabling national and international archival search databases. Can the archivists, by making good metadata, do more to strengthen democratic society and if so, what should we do more of?

Are the archivists doing the right thing? Will the metadata that we focus on be relevant for the users? If so, for which users? How do the needs change when the archival records are being born digital? What is the challenge when the records reach the internet and are exposed to all kinds of knowledge seekers? How should the archivists think to optimize the use of the records in different contexts to facilitate the use of archival records in a digital world?