About Sommarscen Malmö

© Malmö stad, Foto: Ewa Levau

Sommarscen Malmö is an outdoor festival of performing arts that takes place in Malmö, Sweden for two months every summer. Concerts, performances and cinemas are presented in 40 different sites and venues in the open air and are all free of admission. Sommarscen Malmö is organized by the City of Malmö.


Sommarscen offers up to 200 performances during two months every summer at around 40 different locations all over Malmö. The locations are diverse and range between a permanent open-air theatre to a temporary stage in a park or simply in the urban environment.

The programme

Sommarscen aims to include the unique and unexpected meeting between performers, the audience and it´s particular location to the broad and public. With a plethora of different genres and types of performances. Sommarscen offers touring performances for children, contemporary dance, poetry walking tours, outdoor cinema, pop concerts, contemporary circus, sing along events, world music and everything in between.

The programme includes both joint and guest productions, and Sommarscen Malmö naturally works in close partnership with a variety of other cultural organisations in the city and elsewhere- regionally, nationally and internationally.

All performances are always free of admission.

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