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Nuclear Culture Roundtable

Roundtable, James Acord, bilden är beskuren.

Roundtable, James Acord, bilden är beskuren.

Friday, May 4, full day seminar

The Nuclear Culture Roundtables bring together artists, architects, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists along with nuclear agencies, scientists, stakeholders and NGO’s. The round table is a full day seminar accompanying the exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty.

The roundtable will discuss questions such as: Can we think of radioactive artefacts and landscapes as future nuclear heritage? How are nuclear sites being decommissioned and preserved in ways which maintain particular narratives about our nuclear culture? What kind of nuclear memories do we want to pass on to future generations? How can we speculate on our future archeology?


Sofie Tunbrant, SKB, Sweden.
Cornelius Holtorf & Anders Högberg, Nuclear Waste as Cultural Heritage, Linnaeus University, Sweden.
Mari Keto, artist, Denmark.
Juan Fernando Ródenas García & Carlos Gonzalvo Salas, CAIT, Department of Architecture, Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain.
Yelena Popova, artist, UK/Russia.
Anna Storm, Nuclear Fish and (Post-) Industrial Nature Imaginaries around the Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant, Stockholm University, Sweden.

The day will be chaired by curator Ele Carpenter. The day is arranged by Malmö Konstmuseum in partnership with Linnaeus University

In the evening there will be a performance at Inkonst with Hector Dyer. Tickets can be booked on Tickster.


The cost is included in the price of admission to the museum. However, the number of participants is limited. To reserve your place, register by Friday, April 27 to

Note: the program will be presented in English.