Science Center Malmö Museer

The Science Center Malmö Museer links together a number of exhibitions and activities at Malmö Museum! With the focus on sustainability we hope to arouse curiosity and interest in   technology and science. 

© Johanna Rylander / Malmö Museer

The Science and Maritime House contains the The Planet of Ideas exhibition with lots of activities and The Vehicles of the Future with an historical retrospect and today's visions of technology, sustainable environment and design. In The Heaven and The Earth you can navigate through our solar system and meet Tycho Brahe, and in Smart! learn more about pacemakers and nanotechnology.     

Groups can book courses on sustainable development, adapted for high schools as well as professional study visits.    

Also keep a lookout for the science center game - a hair-raising adventure that will take you through moats and castle halls, as well as the walkway app which guides you through the surroundings of the Western harbour.

Science Center Malmö was arranged in collaboration with the Environment Department in Malmö and with support from the EU's regional development fund.

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