In the megagame Deus Vult II, as many as 35 players can take on roles as everything from emperors to emirs, Catholics to Shia Muslims. Liberate Jerusalem from the infidels or defend it against the barbaric Franks! Create an empire or get your mortal sins redeemed.

The game Deus Vult II is a megagame for 35 players. It’s set around the first crusade and the last years of the 10th century, when three conflicting cultures met, when the old rivalries between east and west were given new meaning, and when religious fervour and materialistic greed seemed to serve the same purposes. The game is political, interactive and played in English.

A megagame is a type of team-based game with more than 20 players. A unique type of gaming based on social interaction between the players. You decide which goals you want to try to achieve, employing strategy, diplomacy and tactical resource use to successfully achieve your objectives. This type of gaming was invented in England but has spread throughout the world.


Saturday | 10:00–17:00

Compete in or spectate the exciting tournament of the megagame Deus Vult II that will be on-going almost all of Saturday. Register to the tournament through the link below.