Miniature wargaming

Welcome to our new gaming area! Miniature wargames such as Warhammer and Marvel Crisis Protocol are often played directly on a tabletop adorned with various obstacles instead of a classic gaming board.

There are miniature wargames with all kinds of themes. Fantasy worlds, historic events or space battles – the choice is yours!

Common to all these games is that they are based on battles where you start by planning the conditions, such as which miniatures are going to be included. The game is set up like a landscape, with the terrain filled with obstacles matching the theme of the game, directly on the tabletop and using dice to determine the outcomes. The creativity and planning required before the game even starts are a large part of the enjoyment of this type of gaming.

Welcome to an exciting battlefield prepared by experienced miniature wargamers who will guide you in the rules of the game!


Welcome to an exciting battlefield where experienced players have prepared a terrain and will guide you through the rules. Additionally there will be displays of giant games like Warmhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. Come by and play, ask questions or spectate.

Rost&Röta | Saturday 11-18 and Sunday 10-18

Battles among gangs in a post-apocalyptic world somewhere in the south of Skåne.

Saltgraven |Saturday 11-18 and Sunday 10-18

Personal battles at sea in 28mm scale.

Marvel Crisis Protcol |Saturday 11-16 and Sunday 10-16

Miniature Wargame with characters from the Marvel universe. Throw busses on other superheroes, dunk the Hulk with your Captain Marvel and jump from roofs to save the day!

In Marvel Crisis Protocol, heroes and bandits go head to head in epic battles. Simple rules with hard decisions makes Marvel Crisis Protocol an easily accessible game with depth. Come by and try it out!

Star Wars Shatterpoint |Saturday 11-16 and Sunday 10-16

Gather a gang with your Star Wars favorites and fight for honor and justice with light sabres, blasters and The Force! Star Wars Shatterpoint is a new miniature wargame from the succesful studio Atmoic Mass Games.

Adeptus Titanicus | Saturday 11-18

The galaxy is burning. Horus is challenging the emperor and human-kind fight in the gigantic civil war. Take control over one or more of the gigantic titans from the same universe as Warhammer the Horus Heresy.

Every titan has its own control panel where you keep track of injuries and power ups, as well as their essential reactors and shields.

Malifaux | Saturday and Sunday 11-18

The year is 1908 and human-kind has explored the alternative world Malifaux filled with magic, monsters from your wildest nightmares and riches. The game uses aesthetics ranging from Western and steampunk to Victorian gothic, East-asian mythology and bayou voodoo. This game is for those that enjoy "cheating" and want to keep the option open between flying demons, merceneries, drunk hillbilly goblins, ninjas, cannibal cultists or journalists that just wants to ask a few questions.

Unlike other miniature wargames that use dices, Malifaux is played with cards and a hand of control cards that you can use to "cheat". Malifaux is a skirmish type game with around 8 models per side.

Tournament Straight Edge Wargaming: Age of Sigmar GT 

Saturday 09:45 – 21:00 
Sunday 09:00 – 16:30 
Price: 350kr
Note! Pre-registration is required. Register here.