Role-playing games

Get ready to face dragons, stormtroopers or zombies in an imaginative type of gaming based on shared storytelling. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or simply keen to give role-playing a go, there’s something for you.

At the heart of role-playing games is the interaction between the players and the game master, with everyone contributing to the story and joint adventure – each in the role of a fictional character. The themes of these adventures vary greatly, from the classic fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons through the science fiction of Star Wars to the post-apocalyptic survival of Mutant: Year Zero.

The festival area will offer the opportunity to try a number of different role-playing games, create characters and immerse yourself in worlds brimming over with magic, monsters, heroes and villains – all under the direction of experienced game masters from the Malmö role-playing association Rollspelssällskapet.

Come and test the role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Skjut Dom I Huvudet (Shoot Them in the Head), For The Queen and Dread – or why not a game from the Swedish role-playing game company Fria Ligan AB, such as Mutant: Year Zero or Forbidden Lands?

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for adventures and storytelling!


Are you ready for an adventure? Or maybe multiple adventures? The role-play association will be at Malmö Game Week with several fun role-playing games. We have multiple genres such as: fantasy, science fiction, horror and many more.

Additionally, on Sunday we will host an exciting Battle Royale tournament where you have the opportunity to test your skills against other players and win prizes. The Battle Royale tournament has limited spots, so be sure to secure your spot before they are gone.


During the event we give visitors the opportunity to try role-playing games. Jump in to a drop-in drop-out game where you can play as long as you like. You can also participate in exciting adventures that last between 30 minutes up to a couple of hours.

Saturday Drop-in games 09:00–21:00
Sunday Drop-in games 09:00–18:00


Sunday Battle Royale 12:00 - 16:00

Tickets will be released 2023-08-25
Welcome to Rolls's Malmö Game Week D&D 5e Battle Royale 2023!

If you have any questions, you can email us at kontakt@rollspelssallskapet.se.