City of Malmö as an employer

The City of Malmö is a large regional employer with a strong profile in social welfare and sustainable development and a commitment to providing high-quality services.

The City of Malmö is one of the largest employers in Skåne and its staff work every day to shape Malmö’s present and future. They are tasked with promoting social welfare and sustainable development throughout the city’s schools, elderly care facilities, planning departments, cultural programmes and other areas.

All City of Malmö departments share a common mission: to provide high quality services to local people. The world is changing ever faster and we must always be ready to question, develop and change our organisation and activities to provide the best services we can.

City of Malmö in figures

  • 4,341 vacant positions advertised in 2015
  • 1,200 managers with personnel and operating responsibility 1,200
  • The average age of a City of Malmö employee is 44.6 years
  • 34% of employees are foreign-born
  • Total number of salaried employees is 24,032

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