Coexist Malmö consists of representatives from faith communities in Malmö who work towards a safer city. Through respect for each other and a commitment to Malmö, they form a platform for dialogue between faith communities, public authorities and Malmö residents.

Meetings for security, religion and Malmö

Coexist’s aim is to work towards a safe and secure Malmö from a freedom of religion perspective.  Here a dialogue takes place, where the faith community members and people of Malmö come together in an open, neutral and structured manner. This may involve preventive security work or current events.

In the greater perspective, the faith communities are an important part of civil society, as they reach so many of Malmö’s local residents. In the work with security issues, they are a security factor in their own right, by acting in respectful consensus.

They are part of Coexist

Coexist is supported by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), the Commission for Government Support for Faith Communities and the City of Malmö.  Representatives from the four major world religions (Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity) are actively involved.

For further information

Please contact Malin Martelius at +46 70 634 28 28 or

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