Malmö´s Climate Campaign — Klimat Malmö

2009 is the climate year in Malmö.  With COP15, the next UN Conference on Climate Change to take place in Copenhagen in December 2009, the eyes of the world will closely watch the direction international policy discussions lead towards.

Located 30 minutes from Copenhagen,  Malmö provides a strategic opportunity to heighten its own efforts to confront climate change. The Climate Campaign will build greater awareness amongst  the residents in Malmö, and importantly, as Malmö has become an internationally-renowned resource city in terms of its attention to urban environmental planning and policy, the city will display its efforts to global visitors attending COP15. 

Furthermore, starting in fall 2009, Sweden will begin its period of presidency over the European Union with climate change promising to be high on the agenda.  To take advantage of related events and the strong emphasis on climate change locally, regionally and globally, Malmö will build an even stronger profile related to its climate change endeavours in a new targeted campaign — Klimat Malmö.

Climate Cooperation between Malmö and Copenhagen

Malmö and Copenhagen are strongly linked through common policies, economic ties, cultural similarities and a physical link via the Öresund´s Bridge. 

Who can participate in the Klimat Malmö Campaign?

Klimat Malmö is in essence an overarching campaign to coordinate related efforts to address climate change and create visibility concerning related activities planned or already underway in Malmö. 

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