Who can participate in the Klimat Malmö Campaign?

Klimat Malmö is in essence an overarching campaign to coordinate related efforts to address climate change and create visibility concerning related activities planned or already underway in Malmö. 

Klimat Malmö is open to all interested parties who work with or want to confront climate change in their field of work.  Administrations, districts, companies, associations and other organizations are welcome to display the Klimat Malmö logo to create visibility as to how public and private actors are addressing climate change in the city. 

Consequently, climate change becomes more comprehensible for Malmö residents, while we demonstrate that many of us in different ways can help find local ways to address climate change.

Coordination tools within the Klimat Malmö campaign include climate indicator, a newsletter and a website with related information: malmo.se/klimat (in Swedish), Malmö´s historic address of climate change.

Climate forum Malmö
Climate Forum Malmö is a network already in existence since 2005 to assimilate various actors actively working to address climate change. The forum arranges regular meetings providing an opportunity to learn about climate related activities in the region and globally and to share ideas with like-minded people.

Malmö will continue the Climate Forum and related activities, but in 2009, the primary campaign of focus will be Klimat Malmö. 


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