Climate adaptation

In Malmö, we are adapting our society to climate changes like extreme precipitation and drought. With the help of two EU-financed projects - GreenCLimeAdapt and GrAbs - Malmö is exploring various solutions.

GreenCLimeAdapt - Green Tools for Urban Climate Adaptation

The aim of GreenCLimeAdapt is to demonstrate how cities can address and adapt to the impacts of climate change (including increased rainfall and urban heat island) via green tools including open storm water management, the use of green facades and green roofs.

Green Tools in Malmö in Malmö´s Fosie neighbourhood, the Water and Sewage Authority (VA Syd) will daylight old storm water pipes in the former industrial park creating an open storm water system  to delay the water flow, and purify it in the process, before it reaches Riseberg Stream.

Riseberg Stream is the only waterway in East Malmö which receives surface water and it is often overloaded, eroding the stream.  GreenClimeAdapt will aim to reduce the erosion process. The Streets and Parks Department will create an open storm water system rich in biodiversity and attractive for visitors and study tours.

Malmö´s Service Department will integrate green facades, grown within a wire system on outer walls which will be measured to compare how plant shade can cool buildings.
Malmö´s Scandinavian Green Roof Institute will test a new type of lightweight green roof created by locally available materials.

Project Period

1st of January 2009 - 31st of December 2013

Project Partners

  • City of Malmö (The Service Department, the Streets and Parks Department and the Environmental Office)
  • Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL
  • VA Syd (Water and Sewage Authority)
  • Institute for Sustainable Urban Development in Malmö, ISU
  • Green Roof Institute

GreenClimeAdapt is supported by Life+

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Malmö is a partner in GRaBS, Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns.

The GRaBS project is a network of leading pan-European organisations involved in integrating climate change adaptation into regional planning and development.
GRaBS website

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