Ocean Literacy 2018

Welcome to the Ocean Literacy in Coastal Cities Conference 6-7 December 2018 in Malmö. The aim is to inspire, learn, debate and drive action at a local level for the marine environment with focus on ocean literacy in coastal cities.

Look below the surface and the sea is a bustling environment, full of life, but which remains, for most, an unexplored area. To achieve the necessary targets under SDG 14 – Life Below Water knowledge and awareness among young people and adults in our cities needs to improve.

The conference will focus on how we instil knowledge about the sea at an early age. How can we motivate future generations to undertake preventive work and increase knowledge and understanding regarding the importance of our seas?

We focus on three lines of thought in breakout sessions led by experts in the different areas:

  • Capacity development and knowledge alliances for the sea
  • The roles and responsibilities of coastal towns and cities
  • Ocean literacy in schools


6-7 December, lunch – lunch followed by study visits to Malmö’s newly opened Marine Educational Centre on the Öresund coast (by registration only).


STUDIO in Malmö, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24. Close to the Malmö Central Station.

For whom?

Specialists, educators and decision-makers in the field

The attendance fee is SEK 1,200 and registration closes on November 19th. The conference hosts ONLY 150 participants!

At The Ocean Conference at the United Nations in June 2017, organisations across the globe made commitments to take action for the ocean environment as one of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals. The City of Malmö and ICLEI, together committed to use the Life Below Water 2017 conference in Malmö as a starting point for a mobilisation of action at a local level led by local governments. With Ocean Literacy 2018 we take the next step.

For more information:

Grethe Lindhe

Project Manager

City of Malmö

+46 70 694 11 15


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