Technical visits

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Date: 30 November, 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Smart energy efficiency

Technical visit: Malmö Live, Hyllie, Skanska
This technical visit will offer you an inside view of three energy-efficient buildings, as well as enable you to get acquainted with the climate-smart Hyllie district of Malmö. The first building to be visited will be the venue  for the SCD2016 conference Malmö Live to see what technological and behavioural solutions have been included to reduce energy consumption in the building. We will then continue to Hyllie, where the City of Malmö, the energy company E.ON and the regional water and waste management board VA SYD are developing a smart energy grid. You will have the opportunity to visit Skanska’s main office for southern Sweden, a LEED platinum certified building and a residential building.

How green is green enough?

Technical visit: Innovative greening in Malmö
The tour goes to the refurbished 1950th district Augustenborg and the new development area Western Harbor, both well-known from the Bo01 exhibition. We will visit sites that are examples of the further development with a focus on urban vegetation. Our first stop will be the brand new housing project Augustenborg Greenhouse followed by the Augustenborg Botanical Roofgarden and lastly the ongoing housing projects by the award winning firm Hauschild-Siegel.

BIDs - a successful way to work with urban development

Technical visit: Case Sofielund - from problem to collaboration and innovation
We will depart from the conference centre (Malmö Live) by bus for a guided tour through Sofielund, with the activity centre as our final destination. Once there, we will be provided with an introduction and presentation by participating stakeholders about the establishment of BID Sofielund and current ongoing work and activities. You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to people who work at and visit the centre. See map for the technical visit. (pdf, 4 MB)

Rapid Urbanisation – a Challenge for the Resilient City

Technical visit: Ecocity district Augustenborg
Augustenborg is a district which, when founded around 1950, was a model area for modern and future-oriented housing construction in both Malmö and Sweden.  By the end of the 1990s, the area had become a socio-economically deprived city district, which also suffered problems from recurring floods in heavy rain and negative impact from nearby industry. This resulted in a major urban transformation process which, thus far, has turned the area into a leading example of successful socio-ecological transformation with many innovative and ingenious initiatives. These include blue-green nature-based solutions for stormwater management and interesting complementary sustainable urban development.

Our sustainable future seen through 10 years of local and global experiences

Technical visit: Science Center Malmmö Museer
Welcome to an innovative and unconventional science centre where technology and natural science meet cultural history and social sustainability!

Science Center Malmö Museer focuses on learning for sustainable development in a broad sense using the museum, the surrounding city and the sea as areas for education, learning and exploring. A clear connection to the new global goals is embedded in the activities. We will connect the content of the visit to the dialogue seminar and all four round table discussions.

Culture & Sustainable Cities + ISU

Technical visit: Lindängen - Responsible Consumption and Production
This technical visit takes off from Anna Seravalli’s research "Design and Social Innovation"; to ReTuren and Lindängen as site-specific projects for civic dialogue and more perspectives on how change can be achieved through collaboration.

We will also visit the Lindängen Library where the city’s Department of Culture and Southern District administration, will present and guide us through plans for the new library-vision. We will also visit Framtidens Hus, ReTuren/VA-Syd (Malmös first local recyclingcentre), Tvättoteket/Trianon and Gatukraft. The visit is arranged by the Department of Culture in the City of Malmö together with ISU (track9). In cooperation between local government and communities.

Food for Sustainable Cities

Technical visit: Malmö Latin High School
We will visit the restaurant at Malmö Latin High School, which is designed as a modern food court where students can choose from five freshly made dishes. The head chef will tell us about how they manage to produce such a variety of food, reduce waste and keep to budget! We will also meet representatives from Malmö School Restaurants, who are responsible for the food served in all schools in Malmö. They will talk about their work with sustainable menus and how they have managed to achieve a level of 70% organic produce without increasing their budget.

In addition, the urban gardening association Organic without Borders will talk about their gardening project with Nya Latin’s special classes for students with learning difficulties.

Social Consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technical visit: STPLN
STPLN, Malmö’s pioneering creative space situated at the slipway of the former Kockums shipyard, 10 minutes’ walk from the conference venue, Headed by: Bertil Björk, Director of STPLN.

ISU - Urban Research Day

Technical visit: Lindängen - "Responsible Consumption and Production - in cooperation between local government and communities"
This technical visit takes off from Anna Sera Vallis’ - Malmö University - research "Design and Social Innovation" and takes us on a bus-trip to Lindängen. A site-specific place for civil dialogue and how change can be achieved though collaboration. We will visit Framtidens Hus, Gatukraft, "Tvättoteket"/Trianon and the Cultural Department of Malmö City who presents and guides us through the Library of Lindängen and talk about their plans and visions for the new library.

Climate Cube

No technical visit.

Study tour to ESS – the next-gen­eration research facility

Friday 2 December, 12.00 -4.00 pm

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is one of the largest science infrastructure projects being built in Europe today.

ESS will provide the tools for analysis that will enable the next important discoveries in nanotechnology, life science, pharmaceuti­cals, materials engineering, and experimen­tal physics. It is understood that ESS, both through the research that will be performed there and the establishment of the facility it­self, will serve as an economic driver for all of Europe.

Organised as a European Research Infra­structure Consortium, or ERIC, with Member Countries throughout Europe, this next-gen­eration research facility is being built through the collective global effort of hundreds of sci­entists and engineers. ESS is expected to deliver its first neutrons by the end of the decade, with the user program to follow in 2023.

The facility is being built in Lund, 15 km from Malmö. SCD delegates can join a guided tour of ESS as part of the conference program. Maximum 50 delegates. Our bus will take you quickly back to Malmö Live after the program at ESS and then straight to Copenhagen Airport with estimated time of arrival 6.00 pm.

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