Climate smart Hyllie

Hyllie, Malmö´s largest development area, will lead the way towards Malmö becoming a sustainable city. By as early as 2020, Hyllie will be 100-percent sustained by renewable or recycled energy.

Once complete, Hyllie will have about 10,000 homes and an equivalent number of workspaces. The unique location, combined with modern architecture, parks and nearby countryside, will create an attractive environment for local people, businesses and visitors. Rich agricultural land, excellent public transport links and regional integration are the hallmarks of Malmö’s southern entry point.

The most climate-smart city district in Öresund

Hyllie will be not only a diverse and lively place but also the most climate-smart neighbourhood in the Öresund region. Its homes, workplaces, hotels, shops and amenities enjoy an exceptional location at the foot of the Öresund Bridge.

To reach the high sustainability ambitions for Hyllie, the City of Malmö, VA SYD and E.ON, in February of 2011, signed a climate contract for Hyllie. Under this contract, the City of Malmö, VA SYD and E.ON, jointly undertake to lay the foundation for Hyllie to become the most climate-smart city district in the Öresund region and a global benchmark for sustainable urban development.

Sustainable energy system and fossil free mobility

Hyllie is at the forefront of the development of a sustainable energy system. The area integrates, for both electricity, heating and cooling, the smart grids and other intelligent energy solutions that will hallmark the future. For transportation Hyllie aims to make it easy to walk, bike or use public transportation instead of taking your car. If you still need a car, there will be access to carpooling in Hyllie. It will also be easy to charge your electric car or fill up using biogas. 

Regional amenities

From Hyllie Station Square, there is quick access to the railway platforms. On the western side of the square is Point Hyllie, where five buildings are being constructed on a phased basis. Nearby are Malmö Arena, the MalmöMässan exhibition hall, the Emporia shopping mall, hotel accommodation, offices, the Hyllie Vattenpark aquatic park and the Kretseum discovery centre. To the north of the area is Hylliebadet, a newly built swimming pool set in parkland. Some 2,500 homes will be built here by 2017, along with amenities including preschools and elementary schools.

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