Future investments in infrastructure 

The Big City project is Malmö's part in the national negociation with the state on investments in the expansion of the enhanced gas-electric buses, MalmöExpressen, and other city bus lines aswell as in the investments in the bicycle traffic of the city.

In the future green, dense and integrated city of Malmö an accessable infrastructure will be important, meaning short distances to bus stops and train stations. A proximity to public transport means en increase of education or work in a larger common employment region where the distances decrease due to a well functioning infrastructure. The Big City project is planned for implementation during the period 2018-2031.

Development of the MalmöExpress in five stages

The city bus concept the MalmöExpress gives an enhanced capacity for travelling by several of the most busy bus lines. The MalmöExpress is a city bus concept in Malmö with a high capacity, the development of the vehicles and a better passability in bus lanes and an addition of bus stops.

Development of other city buses in three stages

The electrified buses gives an environmental and health friendly vehicles operation with emission free and quiet vehicles. The buses also gets a better passability which means an increase in comfortability and quality for the travellers.

Investment in bicycle traffic

Tying the city together in a better way with the help of bicycle lanes in combination with an extension of the public transports means that the benefits of the investments in the public transport increases. More citizens gets the possibility to access the public transport system, which increases the amount of travellers.

The investments in public transport is deemed to create better conditions for the creation of residential areas in many parts of the city. Each individual project is connected to a future specific field of urban development.


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