Malmö - a city that attracts

From beaches and restaurants to a dynamic arts and culture scene, Malmö offers entertainment and leisure opportunities to suit every taste.

Events and entertainment

Malmö has something for everyone. Long known as the city of parks, Malmö also hosts a diverse programme of cultural events and entertainment. Numerous options are also available for people interested in sport or other pastimes.

Beach in the city centre

Ribban is Malmö’s most popular beach. In summer it throngs with locals and visitors who come to enjoy the white sand and clean water. During the evenings, barbecues and salsa dancing top the menu. All within walking distance of the city centre.

World-class arts and culture

Malmö also offers a wealth of restaurants and cuisine from all corners of the globe, along with popular nightclubs and an internationally acknowledged arts and culture scene. Malmö City Theatre, Malmö Opera, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Malmö Konsthall and Form/Design Center.

Malmö Live

As of 2015, Malmö Live is the city’s new hub for music, culture and conferences. This lively space in the city centre features a concert hall with world-class acoustics, a conference centre and a selection of restaurants.

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