Malmö in figures

Malmö lies at the heart of the Öresund region, whose 3.9 million inhabitants make it Scandinavia’s largest labour market.

  • Population of 322 574 on 31 December 2015

  • Malmö is a young city: half of all inhabitants are younger than 35

  • The average age of a Malmö resident has fallen by three years over the last two decades. Today a typical local is a 28-year-old woman or 30-year-old man.

  • More than 160,000 people work in Malmö and new jobs are created in the city every day

  • The largest economic sectors are retail and communications, finance and consulting and health and welfare

  • The Öresund region has 3.9 million inhabitants, making it Scandinavia’s largest labour market

  • 75.19% of the electorate voted in the 2014 municipal election

  • The largest parties were the Social Democratic (32.88%) and Moderate parties (21.97%)

  • 31% of Malmö residents are foreign-born

  • 26,000 students attend Malmö University

  • 25% of the Swedish and Danish populations lives in the Öresund region

  • 15,100 commuters use the Öresund Bridge every day (2014)

  • 70% of households are of one or two people

  • 31% of Malmö inhabitants (25-64 years) have at least three years of higher education (2014)

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