The young and global city

Malmö is highly diverse, both culturally and socially. The city’s inhabitants come from around 170 countries and speak a total of 150 languages.

Malmö is a natural hub for people and cultures from worldwide. The city’s inhabitants come from around 170 countries and speak some 150 different languages. This diversity is one of Malmö’s key assets and creates the basis for a rich cultural life. It also equips Malmö to perform well in an ever-more globalised world.

The average age of a Malmö citizen has dropped by three years in the last two decades and the typical resident today is a 28-year-old woman or 30-year-old man. The predominance of this age group also means that the city has a high ratio of children under the age of six.

In brief:

  • 31% of Malmö’s 315,000 inhabitants are foreign-born (50% male and 50% female)
  • 179 different nationalities
  • More than 150 languages spoken
  • Almost half of people are aged under 35 (49%)
  • Women predominate in the 19-29 age group and men predominate in the 30-39 age group, though to a lesser extent
  • Singles or single parents account for 70% of households
  • 31% of Malmö residents are foreign-born. The largest groups are from Iraq and ex-Yugoslavia

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