Awards and prizes

Interest in Malmö is great. Over the years, Malmö City has received a number of awards and nominations. 

Below you can read more about some of Malmö's nominations and prizes in recent years. 


City of Malmö is awarded the Swedish Gender Equality Award

The City of Malmö has been elected winner of the Swedish Gender Equality Award, a national award for excellent work for gender equality distributed by the Swedish Womens Lobby given to an activity or function that has worked solution focused and innovatively to create equal functions.

City of Malmö best at sustainable traffic planning

Malmö is the best city within the EU at sustainable traffic planning. The award was distributed the award Sustainability Urban Mobility Planning Award to Malmö. The SUMP award is distributed yearly to the city within the EU that does the best planning for traffic and this year it's the work done with the Traffic and Mobility Plan that impressed the jury.

Malmö in seventh place i EU investigation regarding quality of life

In the survey that was performed in June of 2015, cities in the 28 EU countries were included aswell as in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey. The survey is ajusted to enable comparison of the cities from 30 criterias regarding social, economic, cultural and environmental issues. The questions touched on employment, economy and culture amongst others themes.


Malmö Sweden's best bike city 2015

The Swedish bike organization Cykelfrämjandets Kommunvelometer ranks Malmö as the top bike municipality in Sweden. Malmö got 54 of a total of 60 points.


Malmö - Environment Municipality of the Year - 2014

Malmö has been awarded Environment City of the Year by the Swedish journal Miljöaktuellt.


The All-activity-house in Lindängen receives BRIS' prize 2013

BRIS is the Swedish organization for childrens rights in the society. The prize is given for extraordinary efforts for children and youths within the psychosocial area. The All-activity-house in Lindängen is an excellent example of cooperation between public sector and non-profit organizations with very positive results for an exposed group of children. The All-activity-house in Lindängen is also the first municipal organization that has been awarded the prize.

City of Malmö winner of  CIO Awards

City of Malmö has been awarded the CIO Awards “Sustainable project of the Year” for its innovative work with sustainable IT procurement. The CIO Awards is an initiative from CIO Sweden in cooperation with Accenture.

Malmö one of the most innovative cities in the world

OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has made a survey of  how many patents there are in 250 cities all over the world. Malmö turned out to be the forth most innovative city. At the top you'll find Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The Malmö Festival receives a Greener Festival Award

The work to become a more sustainable and environmental-friendly festival has been fruitful and once again the Malmö Festival is the winner of the internationally well-known a Greener Festival Award.

Eco-City Augustenborg awarded in Barcelona

In connection with City to City Barcelona FAD Award the Eco-City Augustenborg was especially mentioned for the work with sustainable city development; the implementation of green roofs and open storm water systems in the neighbourhood.

Malmö - Environment Municipality of the Year - 2013

Together with the Swedish city Upplands Väsby, Malmö has been awarded Environment City of the Year by the Swedish journal Miljöaktuellt

Malmö - Electric car City of the Year - 2013

Swedish association Gröna Bilister (Green Motorists)  has awarded Malmö "Electic car City - 2013" for the City's work to decrease the environmental impact of motorism.

Malmö top 3 greenest cities in the world

Green Uptown Magazine has listed the 10 greenest cities in the world. Reykjavik, San Fransisco and Malmö are in top due to their effective use of renewable energy, green lifestyle promotion, huge numbers of clean-tech companies, implementation of laws protecting the environment and employment of fresh and innovative strategies for better and green communities.


Malmö is a CityStar 

The City of Malmö has won first prize in the European Commission´s RegioStars Awards for its work on integrated strategies for achieving sustainable development in disadvantaged urban areas. Malmö was awarded the prize for the SÖM Project, regarding initiatives taken in the districts of Rosengård, the South Inner City, Fosie and the Centre, which ran from 2008-2011.

Malmö is one of "The Year´s Best Cycling Communities" 

The National Bicycle Association´s ‘Community Ranking´ for 2012 has named Malmö and Lund as "The Year´s Best Cycling Communities". Malmö and Lund have several collaborations in terms of cycling, including the campaign "Cycle to work".

Malmö wins award for sustainable procurement

The Central Procurement Unit at the Service Management Division for The City of Malmö has been awarded the Environmental Awareness Council´s procurement prize for its work in driving home environmental and social demands in negotiations.

Malmö is Sweden's 2012 Fairtrade City Capital

Malmö has been appointed as the Fairtrade City Capital of 2012. According to Fairtrade Sweden, The City of Malmö is the municipality in the country that has contributed the most to raising the issues of ethical procurement and consumption. Malmö became Sweden's first Fairtrade City in 2006 and has since then worked consistently to increase the consumption of ethically sound products in the city.


Malmö wins prize for long term sustainability 

The Norwegian foundation called Idébanken, for the first time, awarded a prize to four Scandinavian municipalities that have excelled in sustainable development. Malmö was given the prize for its long-term efforts to become a sustainable city, for its ambitious climate goals and for its vision relating to a sustainable development policy covering all areas. Particular attention was given to Malmö's continuity in its work and Malmö's broad commitment to environmental and collaborative projects, research and education.

Malmö - Sweden's most climate-smart Municipality 

The City of Malmö has been awarded the Earth Hour Capital 2011. The prize is awarded by the World Wildlife Fund and is awarded to a municipality that is willing to make ambitious and long-term efforts to combat climate change.

Prize for sustainable transport in the Öresund Region 

The prize was awarded Malmö City and the Öresund Committee of Intermode for the initiatives they have taken to promote public transport in the region. The prize was awarded for the City Tunnel being opened and the last ten years of policies geared towards meeting the needs and wishes of passengers, commuters and tourists. In addition to the improved mobility of citizens in the Öresund Region, the City Tunnel is also a symbol of the freedom of movement within the EU. 


World Habitat Awards 

The awards are given out by the United Nations' agency UN-HABITAT.  Motivation: The eco-city called Ekostaden Augustenborg is a great example for cities that want to do something about their problems with urban renewal and environmental issues in general. Malmö City and  MKB Fastighets AB have shown how a residential area's physical environment and social and economic problems can be solved in cooperation with the residents through the creation of  an eco-city.

Environment Municipality of the Year

The prize is awarded by the journal MiljöaktuelltMotivation: The ranking is based on criteria gathered from eight different actors, such as the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Green Motorists. 

Malmö Citysamverkan has been awarded for its successful city center cooperation. The award was presented in London at a world conference on city centers.

European Green Capital Finalist 2012 & 2013, Green Capital. The prize was awarded by the European Commission.

Prize of Friendship City Cooperation, in cooperation with Tangshan. The prize was awarded by the "Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries" and "China International Friendship Cities Association".

Making Space 2010 - The “humpy football court" in Kroksbäck park was nominated for this prize awarded by the Scottish Government.

Malmö 2nd inEuropean entrepreneurial rankings. The prize is awarded by European Cities Entrepreneurship Ranking (ECER). The ranking is carried out on behalf of the ECER Foundation Association.

Sweden's top climate municipalities, Malmö in 3rd place. The prize is awarded by Naturskyddsföreningen (the Society for Nature Conservation).

Malmö is prized as Cultural Community of the Year. The prize is awarded by the SKTF union.

Malmö is awarded prize for public transport in the region. The prize is awarded by Intermode.  Motivation: The prize was awarded for the City Tunnel being opened and the last ten years of policies geared towards meeting the needs and wishes of passengers, commuters and tourists.