As the city of Malmö gets ready to host the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism on October 13th, we invite you to turn your attention towards a city that is taking a very active approach to combating antisemitism.

The Forum being held in Malmö is by no means a coincidence. Historically, Malmö has played a significant role as a safe harbour for Jewish refugees, including the red cross white bus rescue operation towards the end of WWII. Today, Malmö is still the first port of call for many migrants who come to Sweden, resulting in a diverse population.

At the City of Malmö, we are dedicated to combating antisemitism and all other forms of racism. We do not shy away from the fact that Malmö faces challenges when it comes to antisemitism and hate crime. But we are proud to be leading the way among Swedish cities when it comes to combating antisemitism.

  • We have a unique cooperation with the Jewish congregation in Malmö.
  • We help finance ground-breaking research, such as the recently published report Schoolyard racism, conspiracy theories and exclusion which aims to get a clearer view of the situation in the schools of Malmö.
  • We strive to educate Malmö’s youth about Jewish identity and history, by providing inspirational speakers for students and by creating specialised educational programmes for teachers.

Malmö is a city with an inspiring past, a nuanced present and a hopeful future. We hope you want to be part of telling its stories.

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