Urban Arena

Location: The Cube, Malmö Live

The seminar will explore interlinkages between Agenda 2030
and the realisation of sustainable cities. The event will present some of the
latest research, knowledge and experiences on sustainable cities and
identify key challenges and needs of future research. 

The seminar is open for anyone interested in the topic,
regardless of profession or workplace. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!


10.00 am Introduction and Welcome
Lena Neij, Coordinator, Lund University Urban Arena

10.10 Implementing Agenda 2030 from the viewpoint of cities
Monika Zimmerman, Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI World

10.30 Implementing Agenda 2030 from the viewpoint of

James Evans, Professor in Geography at University of Manchester, UK,
and Guest Professor at the IIIEE at Lund University, Sweden

10.50  Implementing Agenda 2030 - Visions and
challenges from the perspective of Lund University researchers:

  • Urban Sharing, Oksana Mont, Professor, Lund University
  • Public space, Eric Clark, Professor, Lund University
  • Daylight in the dense city, Marie-Claude Dubois, Associate
    Professor, Lund University
  • Collaborative governance, Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren, Associate
    Professor, Lund University

11.30–12.00 Panel discussion:  Advancing Sustainable Cities – Implementing Agenda 2030

4.00 End of Session

Date: 1 December, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

No registration, no charge, the seminar is open to all conference participants.

Arranged by Lund University Urban Arena, an interdisciplinary network of researchers working at Lund University. The network brings together almost 200 researchers from across Lund University faculties, centres and departments.It covers ecological, social and economic aspects of the research area. See: Urban Arena