Keynote speaker videos

We filmed all of the plenary sessions at the conference. Enjoy complete videos of each of the keynote speakers, feedback from round table discussions and the culture performance.

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Let´s get to work- let´s make it happen

Our facilitator Trevor Graham and Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, The Mayor of Malmö, welcome the audience to three days of sharing best practices and creating new solutions for a more sustainable future.

We want to promote a lifelong learning opportunity

Kerstin Tham, Vice-chancellor of Malmö University, speaks about the university´s ambition to use research, education, cooperation and innovation to contribute to sustainable social development, and thereby a better world.

We need to revive the commons!

The City planning of today needs to embrace and strengthen the commons as a way to enhance a citizenship based on fairness and equality, claims Guy Standing. Standing is a Professorial Research Associate at University of London.

Walking and biking should be human rights

A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transport. In this talk Gil Penalosa, founder of the internationally recognized organization 8 80 Cities shares his vision of vibrant cities for everyone.

Engage every stakeholder in the process

Jacob Halcomb delivers a short talk about global efforts on sustainable buildings and construction. Halcomb is Director of International Initiative for Sustainable Build Environment (iiSBE).

The Sustainable Built Environment (SBE)

Francois Baillon presents his work with the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences, making sure that the discussions and work achieved in local conferences are actually reaching out to other members of society.

All action is emotional

Information is not communication. Communication is to connect. To connect you need to understand. Jakob Trollbäck is the designer of the United Nations Global Goals Campaign and which stems from his motto: discard everything that means nothing.

Feedback of Round Table highlights and debate – 1 December

Students from The Harvesting Team summarise the participants’ shared visions and creative solutions from three of the tracks.

Feedback of Round Table highlights and debate – 2 December

The last reflection from The Harvesting Team on bright visions and creative solutions for six of the tracks.

Celebration of Freedom of the Press act

Famous journalist Alexandra Pascalidou gives a passionate speech and celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act together with Safe Havens artist Abazar Hamid from Sudan.

We need to mainstream the good examples

The conference is wrapped up by Kerstin Åkerwall, Director of Environment Department in Malmö.  She also announces that the best papers from the conference will be presented at the SBE World Conference in June 2107.

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