Continuing work for a socially sustainable Malmö

On the fifth of March 2014 the Malmö City Executive Board decided how to continue the work towards social sustainability. This builds on the proposals for action that the Commission for a socially sustainable Malmö presented in its final report.

What happens now?

The movie and the document below, "Continuing work for a socially sustainable Malmö", describes the decisions taken by the City Executive Board as to how the City of Malmö should proceed with the work for socially sustainable development and reduced health disparities. The decisions are based on the City Office’s overall assessment of the Malmö Commission’s proposals for action and the comments from approximately 70 consultation bodies.

Two overarching recommendations

In its final report, The Commission for a Socially Sustainable Malmö, gave two overarching recommendations to the City of Malmö, which the City Executive Board supports.

  • Establish a social investment policy that can reduce inequities in living conditions and make societal systems more equitable
  • Change processes by creating knowledge alliances and democratised governance.


The follow-up of ”Continuing work for a socially sustainable Malmö” has been presented to the Malmö City Executive Board. The follow-up clearly shows that the work being carried out, since the Commission for a socially sustainable Malmö (the Malmö commission) presented its final report, has taken hold in the City of Malmö’s administrations and corporations. Read more below.

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