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9 april 2021


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Måndag - torsdag

Kl. 07.00 - 17.00


Kl. 07.00 - 16.00


Malmö stad, 205 80 Malmö 

Webinar: Celebration day for food entrepreneurs in Malmö

Två personer tar mat och lägger upp på sin tallrik

For ten weeks, 12 entrepreneurs in the Malmö area have attended an incubator program focusing on food. On April 14th, the entrepreneurs will present what they have learned - and you can take part in it!

Food Malmö aims to raise awareness and access to locally produced sustainable food and beverage to the citizens of Malmö.

During winter/spring 2021 the city of Malmö together with partners Botildenborg and Lupinta, have carried out an incubator programme for food entrepreneurs. On the 14th of April we will celebrate and demonstrate the entrepreneurs to the public by inviting everyone interested to hear their pitches.

Join us for a 1,5-hour session where you will hear more about the incubator programme and more important exciting new food entrepreneurs based in Malmö.

Who can join: Everyone!
April 14th, 10.00-11.30
Where: Zoom (digital event)

The presenations will be in english.

Registration ends April 13th at 10.00 and you will receive an invitation link by the morning of April 14th.
Haven't recieved one? Please contact carlos.rojascarvajal@malmo.se.

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Food Malmö is a project funded by the EU-Agricultural fond for rural development through the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

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