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Photo: Andreas Nilsson/Malmö Konstmuseum

Culture is an important and increasingly significant component in the lives and well-being of Malmö residents. The local cultural life is also a central factor in Malmö´s development into an ever-more attractive place in which to live, visit, and set up business. Visitors from the Danish side of the Öresund strait are a conspicuous presence both on the city´s streets and in the audience at major cultural events. There are many places for visitors and inhabitants to take part in cultural activities such as visits to concerts, theaters, museums and galleries. Malmö is a bold and assertive urban presence, with a culture that can easily compete with that of larger cities.

It is the breadth of Malmö´s cultural life that makes it unique, thanks to the city´s combination of independent and institutional cultural bodies. The independent cultural scene, with its innovative and youthful productions in music, and theatre and the visual arts, reveals the presence of artists who are among the foremost in Sweden. Malmö´s cultural life is strongly influenced by the large ethnic and cultural variation among the city´s residents, who have roots in more than 170 countries. Malmö is multicultural in all senses of the word. This creates opportunities for stimulating cross-boundary exchanges, leading to a broad and diverse range of cultural activities and ensuring that the various forms of cultural expression are exposed to constant mutual influence. In brief, Malmö has an extraordinarily vibrant and multi-faceted cultural life.

Sommarscen Malmö

Photo: Rickard Grönkvist

Department of Culture

The Department consists of seven divisions: Malmö School of Arts, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö Museer, Malmö Libraries, Cultural and Community Centres and Malmö City Archives. Pernilla Conde Hellman is Malmö’s Director of Culture.

The Department works with strategic development in the culture sector, preparing agenda items for the Culture Committee, as well as finance, human resources and communication.

Department of Culture