The Roma Information and Knowledge Center


The aim of the Roma Information and Knowledge Center (RIKC) is to, in accordance with the Swedish legislation on minorities, increase participation and influence of the Roma community in society. The center is a permanent part of the Malmö municipality.

About RIKC

At RIKC Roma and non-Roma employees work together to increase Roma participation and influence in society. The center is important as a platform in establishing trust, credibility, stability and continuity, as well as ensuring that anti-discriminatory practice is carried out on both an individual and structural level. This includes the following:

  • Coordinating issues regarding the national minority of Roma in Malmö municipality
  • Individual support through a citizens office and through support in meetings with authorities
  • Educating civil servants in Malmö municipality and employees within other organisations and municipalities
  • Arranging conferences and seminars regarding the implementation of Swedish legislation on minorities, Roma Swedish history and the work and servcies that RIKC offers
  • Coordinating the action plan for the national minority of Roma in Malmö
  • Coordinating the municipal Advisory Council for the national minority of Roma in Malmö
  • Cooperating with the police authority, region south, regarding a mutual action plan

Annual reports

On the following links you will find RIKC's annual reports, in which all activites from each year and further information about the center's working methods are included.

Annual report 2018 (pdf, 8.4 MB)

Annual report 2017 (pdf, 7.5 MB)

Annual report 2014 (pdf, 3.5 MB)

Action plan

The Action plan for the Roma national minority in Malmö aims to increase the participation and influence of the Roma population in Malmö in accordance with Swedish legislation on minorities and to ensure that the City of Malmö's administrations have the relevant expertise to strengthen the Roma minority's ability to participate on an equal footing with other inhabitants.
Summary of the Action plan (pdf, 13.9 MB)
Complete document of the Action plan (pdf, 2.7 MB)

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