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The Chief Guardian Committee works for inhabitants in Malmö who, for various reasons, need help to administer their economy and manage contacts with authorities.

Every municipality in Sweden is obliged to have a chief guardian function. In Malmö, the members of the Chief Guardian Committee are elected by the City council every fourth year. The task of the Chief Guardian Committee is to assist in the selection and proposal of suitable persons to act as trustees or administrators. It also provides support and training, and exercises supervision of trustees, administrators and guardians.

Unaccompanied and separated children

Unaccompanied and separated children arriving in Sweden without parents are provided with a trustee to ensure the children's financial, legal and personal interests are safeguarded. The trusteeship may apply until the child reaches the age of majority, if considered necessary. The chief guardian for the municipality, in which the child resides, arranges and monitors the trusteeship. 

If a child inherits money

Many parents come into contact with the Chief Guardian Committee when their children inherit or receive gifts. These may consist of shares, real estate or cash. If a child has assets in excess of 8 basic amounts for security purposes (around SEK 300 000), the law states that the parents shall provide a financial statement of the child's assets.

Temporary trustee

If the parents wish to give their child real estate, then a trustee shall assist in order to safeguard the child's interests. This applies also if you as a parent cannot manage your financial affairs, due to for instance illness, when a temporary trustee may be appointed both for yourself and for your child. 

Homelessness, mental illness, health issues and social difficulties

For many, a trustee or an administrator may be of vital importance in order to reduce the damage caused by “wrong turns" taken due to substance abuse or illness. Help can be given to avoid eviction, handle unpaid bills and establish contacts with social services.

Functional impairments

Functional impairments may cause difficulties in the actions of daily life. Here, a trustee may make everyday life significantly easier. By acting as the “arms and legs" of the person with functional impairment, the trustee/administrator can create areas of contact with social services, contact persons in accordance with the Swedish Service to Certain Disabled Persons Act, relatives and housing authorities. 

Later years

When a decision to appoint a trustee is made, for instant in the event of senile dementia, he or she will do an analysis of the individual's situation and future needs. The trustee will keep informed about housing circumstances, the need for care and social service, but can also participate in finding better housing, home help, care formats opportunities to visit relatives and activities of various kinds. There is also an obligation to ensure that the older persons' funds really are used to in his or her benefit. It is very valuable if the trustee can work together well with the relatives of the older person. 


The preconditions for appointing an administrator are similar to those that apply when appointing a trustee, i.e. a legally competent person (the individual) must be in need of assistance in looking after his or her rights, property or person, due to illness, mental disturbance, weakened state of health or similar circumstances. A physician certificate and similar investigation shall also sow that the individual is incapable of caring for him- or herself and his or her property due to the state of health. 

Who does what

The Chief Guardian Committee makes an application to the District Court, which decides where a person who is ill, for instance, should have a trustee or an administrator appointed. The trustee/administrator shall submit an annual account once a year, which is scrutinized by the Chief Guardian Committee. The Chief Guardian Committee also checks that the trustee is carrying out his or her commission in other respects. The operation of the Chief Guardian Committee is monitored by the County Administrative Board. 

For various reasons

The reason for having an administrator or a trustee appointed can vary. Usually, the person for whom one is appointed is in some way incapable of looking after his or her rights, property or person by themselves. A trustee can assist in making regular payments to make everyday life run smoothly, and help with contacts with various authorities. The decision to appoint a trustee is voluntary, but a trustee may also be appointed in cases where the state of health makes it impossible to consider the situation oneself. 


· There is a Chief Guardian function in every municipality.
· The Chamber of Chief Guardians has existed in Sweden since 1734.
· More than 2500 persons in Malmö are receiving assistance from a trustee or administrator.
· The Chief Guardian office is staffed by lawyers, social workers and persons with in-work training.

Did you know that...

... a trustee is important to ensure everybody in Sweden is treated equally, irrespective of ability.
... as those near and dear to you age, and their memory and health become impaired, a trustee can be a key person to lead you to the best form of housing, and handle finances, etc.
...children may be entitled to claim damages from their parents if the parents have misappropriated or mishandled the administration.
... when a minor sells or buys real estate, or tenant-owner's flats, this must be approved by the Chief Guardian Committee.
... a trustee/administrator may be vital to reduce the damage when substance abuse or illness has caused someone to take a “wrong turn". It is the possible to get help to avoid eviction, handle unpaid bills and establish contacts with social security.
... when what must not happen still happens, and an accident or acute illness causes long-term need for assistance, then a trustee/administrator can become the spokesperson in relation to housing and disability support and pay bills, but also help find the gold nuggets in everyday life.

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