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What news articles did not see the light today?

What news articles did not see the light today?

Writers and journalists are the targets of systematic and strategic attacks around the world. In times characterized by nationalism and populism, oppression of cultural workers worldwide is increasing in the form of censorship, threats and violence, often with the argument that they go against traditional values or national interests.

In our post social media era, what are the limits of journalistic freedom and media independence? What can we learn from Dawit Isaak’s and other cases? Is censorship dead? Welcome to a seminar about the state of journalistic freedom and how we all might be affected by the restrictions without realizing it.


  • Frida Trollmyr (s), Deputy Mayor for Culture, Leisure and Public Health
  • Abraham Zere, PEN Eritrea Director and co-translator of Hopewritten by Dawit Isaak.
  • Elisabeth Löfgren, Chair of the Writers in Prison Committee.
  • Muhktar Wafayee, journalist and writer from Afghanistan and current Malmö/ICORN guest-writer.


Rafaela Stalbalk , journalist

When and where?

  • Date and time: 25/10 13.00 – 15.30.
  • Location: Bergsgatan 20, Museum of Movements.

Language: Swedish and English.