Information about KAA-UngMalmö in English

Some information about KAA-UngMalmö in English

Information regarding the corona virus and the covid-19 disease

The drop-in at Föreningsgatan 9 are for the time being closed due to the corona virus.


We still want you to get in touch!


If you are between 16-19 years old, regarding questions about secondary school and/or internship, please contact us via:

phone/sms: 0708-61 74 57



If you are between 18-29 years old, regarding labour market

e-mail us:

Read about KAA, the municipality´s activity responsibility in English

Information about KAA (pdf, 129 kB)

When you turn 20!

When you turn 20 years old KAA no longer has the responsibility to contact you.

However, we want to inform you were you can turn to if you have questions about and/or in need of guidance regarding studies, employment and/or traineships.

    • UngMalmö, if you are 18-29 years of age, guidance regarding studies, employment and trainesships,
      • Vuxvägledning Malmö, guidance regarding komvux, upper secondary school studies for adults, e-mail:, phone: 040-34 49 95, mondays-fridays 10-12 am ande 1-3 pm.

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