Information for people coming from Ukraine to Malmö (English)

Here you will receive information if you are newly arrived in Malmö – for example about permit and visa, accommodation and how to register your child for school.

Welcome to Malmö

Malmö is a city for people and cultures from worldwide. The city’s inhabitants come from around 180 countries and speak some 150 different languages.

Karta över Europa där Malmö är markerat.

Permit and visa

Ukrainian passport holders can enter and stay in Sweden for 90 days without a permit or visa. You may also be entitled to a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive. To apply for a residence permit you must contact the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).

The Swedish Migration Agency provides information in both Swedish, English and Ukrainian.

The visiting address for the Swedish Migration Agency office in Malmö is Agnesfridsvägen 111.


You can choose to arrange your accommodation yourself or get help with accommodation from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Preschool and open preschool

You can register your child for preschool before you have registered at the Swedish Migration Agency. Keep in mind that the placement you get is based on the address you write in the application. If your accommodation is temporary, you might want to wait until you have a more permanent one before you register. Malmö stad takes the child's and family's situation into account when allocating places in preschools.

Malmö stad also has open preschools which is a place for parents with children between 0–6 years. Open preschool is free of charge and you do not need to register, you can come and go as you want. However, you cannot leave your child at the open preschool, parents are always present with the child.

Register for compulsory school or upper secondary school (language introduction)

You can register your child for elementary school or upper secondary school at Skolstart Malmö before you have registered at the Swedish Migration Agency. Though be aware that if you change accommodation later on, within Malmö or by moving to another city, you might have to change school. Therefore it is best if you first register at the Swedish Migration Agency.
School is not compulsory for Ukrainian citizens who don´t have a Swedish personal identity number.

If you need help with the registration you can visit the Integration Center (Integrationscenter) at Sallerupsvägen 11D.

Studies for adults

If you have a residence permit in Sweden you can join study circles and apply to folk high school (Folkhögskola). In Malmö we have several associations who arrange studie circles.

If you want to apply for adult education at for example Komvux (including SFI) you must be registered in the Swedish Population Register and have a Swedish personal identity number.

Learn the Swedish language

Swedish from day one (Svenska från dag ett) is a course in Swedish and society orientation that is offered at folk high schools (folkhögskolor) around Sweden. You can apply for the course if you have a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive.

Contact the folk high schools directly and ask if they offer the course Swedish from day one and how to apply.

Malmö stad also has several libraries that offer Swedish language training.

On informationsverige.se you can find apps, films and websites that you can use to start learning Swedish.


You have the right to work in Sweden if

  • you are older than 16 years and
  • have a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive.

Contact The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) if you have questions about applying for a job.

You need a coordination number to apply for a job and open a bank account. You apply for a coordination number at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).


In Malmö and Skåne region you have the right to receive healthcare and dental care even if you do not have a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive. Please note that this might differ in other regions of Sweden.

Call 1177 or +46 771-11 77 00 if you or someone else gets ill and you need to talk to a nurse for advice. The nurse can also give you information about where to go for help.

Children and young people under the age of 18 do not have to pay for medical care and dental care.


You are offered vaccination against covid-19 without costs.

Culture and leisure

There are lots of things to do in Malmö. Perhaps you would like to get out in the fresh air and experience the natural surroundings, learn to swim or take part in sports together with others, or perhaps you would rather visit a library or a museum, or go to the theatre?

Be aware of the risks of human trafficking

At times when many people are fleeing an armed conflict, there may be individuals who seem helpful but who want to take advantage of the situation. There may be a risk of human trafficking.

If someone else has taken advantage of your situation and had you to work under very bad conditions, or forced you to perform sexual acts, steal or beg, please contact Evonhuset in Malmö for help. You can also contact Evonhuset if you suspect that someone else are being taken advantage of.

Phone number: +46 (0)20-35 40 40

Kvinnofridslinjen – Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline

You can call +46 (0)20-50 50 50 for support and advice if you have been subjected to physical, psychological and sexual violence and threats. Relatives and friends can also call.

The line is open around the clock and your call is free of charge. Your call will not show in the telephone bill.

If you have been subject to war crimes or have information

Do you have any information regarding acts that could be considered genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes? In Sweden, such crimes are considered very serious, and it is important that those who have committed such crimes be punished.

Contact the police if you, or anyone you might know, have been subject to war crimes, or if you know of a perpetrator staying in Sweden.

Send an e-mail to registrator.kansli@polisen.se marked with ”Gruppen för utredning av krigsbrott” or call the police contact centre at 114 14 or
+46 77 114 14 00.

If you have pets

If an animal from Ukraine is in Sweden without having been checked by customs personnel at the border, the animal must be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. You can contact any veterinarian. The visit to the veterinarian is free of charge.

Information about Swedish society

Kontakta oss