Torups castle

Welcome to Bokskogen!

Bokskogen, outside Malmö, is a lovely place to visit the whole year around.

The Right of Public Access is a unique Swedish law that allows everyone to move around freely in the Swedish countryside. However we also need to take responsibility for nature and animal life and show respect towards landowners and other visitors.

How to get here

By bike

You can cycle to Torup from Malmö by bicycle on Utflyktsstigen. It is roughly a distance of ten kilometres and starts at Videdalsvägen. From Bara there is a new bicycle path to Torup. On the cycling road to Klågerup there is a new access point to Bokskogen using the banks of the old railwaytracks (stickspåret). This way you reach the birdwatching tower by Dansbanestigen, where there is parking for bicycles. Within the recreational area you are only allowed to cycle on the forest roads.

By bus

During certain periods of the year Skånetrafikens bus number 148 goes to Torup. The timetable can be found at

By car

Torups recreation area has eight parking spaces where there are
information boards with a map of the area’s tracks.

Please Note

  • the woods are home to bogs and other area of wetland
  • keep your children supervised in the area
  • fields are off limits
  • show respect - dogs must be kept on leash in the whole area
  • vehicles are strictly forbidden on all forest roads
  • use the restricted parking spaces (Torups recreation area has eight parking spaces where there are information boards with a map of the area’s tracks)
  • horseriding must be restricted to the designated bridle paths
  • cykling is permitted only along the forest roads
  • if you light a fire or set up a barbeque you mst be responsible for it. Never leave a fire unattended. During no-fire periods, barbequing is only permitted in the designated barbeque areas.
  • fishing in the ponds is strictly forbidden
  • there are toilets at the recreation centre, the stables, the hunting lodge, the farmhands´museum.

In the castle park it is forbidden to

  • cross land which has been planted or cultivated
  • pick fruit, berries, vegetables, nuts, spices or anything else that grows in the park or in the beds
  • fish in the ponds
  • let a dog run free in the park. A dog running free can frighten or injure animals but also other people.
  • drive, ride a motorbike or moped in the area
  • park in the park
  • start a fire 

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