Museet/The Museum/المتحف

Visning av konstsamlingarna 1936. Foto: Okänd fotograf/Malmö Museer

The exhibition Museet/The Museum/المتحفmarks the conclusion of a collaboration between the Malmö Art Academy and Malmö Konstmuseum. During the 2016–17 school year, eleven students have completed a course that combines fine art and theory in a study of the art museum as a context. The course explores topics such as the museum’s history and ideological background and its role as a framework for artistic interventions.

Each student has worked on an individual project, which they have developed in relation to Malmö Konstmuseum’s gallery spaces, collection, archives, and research, in several cases working closely with the museum staff. A couple of the art students took a particular interest in the exhibition Från 1500 till nu (From 1500 to Now) ­– how this permanent presentation of art and style history came into being in the 1970s, and how it has changed in the years since. Other students took their points of departure from the museum’s database, classification system, relationship to the art market, or stories of life behind the scenes in the museum. Some have chosen to base their projects on specific works in the collection, while others have explored the museum’s exhibit design and various attributes linked to the museum as a place. The exhibition is being shown in the F Gallery, but it also expands to other spaces on the same level – the stair hall, the exhibition Från 1500 till nu (From 1500 to Now), and the Skovgaard Concert Hall.

The lead instructors for the course and the curators of the exhibition are Art Academy Professor Matts Leiderstam, Malmö Konstmuseum Director Cecilia Widenheim, and museum curator Anna Granqvist.

Sebastião Borges
Axel Burendahl
Daniel Fleur
Martine Flor 
Johanne Hestvold
Maxime Hourani
Eli Maria Lundgaard
Emil Palmsköld
Joakim Sandqvist
Rasmus R Streith
Øystein Sølberg

The participation of Sebastião Borges is supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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