Show and Tell

September 30 2017 – January 21 2018

What is a museum? This exhibition has come to life in light of recent years’ discussions about building a new art museum in Malmö.

Our aim is to highlight the permanent collection and present a number of artists and works that seem particularly crucial today. The collection now comprises nearly forty thousand works of art, but most of them have long been secluded in storage, waiting for a chance to meet their audience.

One of the museum’s most important goals is to establish a context for the artworks that have made their way into our collection, and to give subsequent generations a chance to get to know them. How can we make it possible for visitors and the general public to enjoy the stories that accompany these pieces? Show and Tell proposes a number of new groupings and juxtapositions among the works that will in turn generate new stories.

The show includes over three hundred works and incorporates a variety of different styles and techniques; painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video. The oldest works date back to the sixteenth century, while others are newly produced. The selection reflects a conversation about the history and the future of the art museum—what role can a museum of art play in the globalized image culture we live in today?

Curators: Cecilia Widenheim and Matts Leiderstam

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