We will push the ship from shore and let it drift toward the darkest of oceans

Malmö Art Academy at Malmö Art Museum
5 June–30 August 2015

Lily Benson, "Feelings", 2015

The graduation students at Malmö Art Academy exhibit their works at Malmö Art Museum during the summer.

Seeing all these works gathered together, one is struck by how independent each is in its expression. It is also obvious that all are full of faith and belief in the capacity of art to say something about the world that is different from all the other proposals and assertions that so fill our society.

/Gertrud Sandqvist, Rector Malmö Art Academy

The title of the exhibition refers to the idea to dare to let go and travel into the artistic process, a process that is enveloped in darkness. In this darkness the social and political agendas that structure our everyday take on different forms. Here, artists encounter the forgotten and neglected, and even more importantly, it is in the passing of these territories of “unseeing” that artists develop new ideas.

Loui Kuhlau, "At the border between you and I", 2015

The exhibition puts several expressions and techniques, such as installations, sculpting, film and painting, on display. In connection to the exhibition a number of performances and lectures will take place.

Malmö Art Academy is an international institution. Of the twenty students participating in this exhibition, fifteen come from countries other than Sweden.Under the guidance of the professors Joachim Koester and Emily Wardill together with Gertrud Sandqvist, dean and professor at Malmö Art Academy, the graduates exhibit their newly produced works at Malmö Art Museum during the summer of 2015.

Rina Eide Løvaasen, "The Constant Cognitive Collapse" (detail), 2012–15

Exhibiting artists

Isabelle Andriessen, Pär Axell, Christian Bang Jensen, Balthazar Berling, Lily Benson, Marie Bonfils, Desmond Church, Karin Hald, Niilas Helander, Ingvild Kaldal Hovland, Marianne Skaarup, Loui Kuhlau, Ronni Lykke Lauridsen, Kalle Lindmark, Rina Eide Løvaasen, Sandra Mujinga and Emelie Sandström.

In connection with the exhibition three projects are also shown from the program Critical and Pedagogical studies, under guidance by programme leader Maj Hasager. Participating master students from the Critical and Pedagogical studies are Hans Carlsson, José Tomás Giraldo and Laila Svensgaard.

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