From 1500 Until Now - closed for renovation

Malmö Art Museum's permanent exhibition From 1500 Until Now is a stroll through time and space outlining the history and development of painting and furniture.

Sigrid Hjertén, "Self-portrait". Photo: Andreas Nilsson

From the life-affirming antique ideals of the Renaissance the stroll continues to the extravagance and abundance of the Baroque. The Age of Enlightenment with its Rococo, where the furnitures are smooth and congenial, is followed by the return of Classicism and its strict and clean style.

Several of the most important paintings and objects of the museum collection are on display in the permanent exhibition. Especially noteworthy are the portraits of Rococo painter Alexander Roslin, Carl Fredrik Hill's famous landscapes from the 1870s, a profound self-portrait by the Matisse disciple Sigrid Hjertén, and the young Nordic contemporary art.

The exhibition changes in periods when artworks are presented in other exhibitions or are on loan to other museums.

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