The city of all times - Malmö from 1850 to today

Malmö used to be one of the most important industrial cities in Sweden. Many Malmö citizens have nostalgic memories of the days when the factories in Malmö produced the largest ships and the best nylon stockings.

But the city is so much more than factories and work. The creativity of
the people of Malmö, the stories of their lives and their diverse
backgrounds have all merged to create the Malmö we see today. This story and much more is told by Malmö Museer in “The city of all times".

The exhibition 

Foto: Andreas Nilsson/Malmö Museer

In the 900 square metre large exhibition in The Science and Maritime House a part of the history over Malmö the last 150 years is told through text, pictures and film. The exhibition shows plenty of artifacts from the Museums collections.
Read a short introduction to the exhibition themes.

In cooperation with among others:

Skånetrafiken, Malmö universitet, Auto Images AB, Aluma, IBL Bildbyrå AB, ABF Malmö, SVT Syd, Stadsbiblioteket, Malmö Stadsbyggnadskontor, Malmö Kulturmiljö, Malmö Stadsarkiv, Malmö Konstmuseum, Idrottsmuseet and fastighets- och gatukontoret.

With contributions from:

Malmö planterings- och försköningsråd, Malmö Kulturhistoriska förening, Riksantikvarieämbetet.

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