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Southern Sweden´s largest museum is located on Malmöhusvägen in the heart of Malmö in a beautiful park-like setting surrounded by canals.

© Johanna Rylander / Malmö Museer

At Malmö Museer you can see everything from the Nordic region´s oldest surviving Renaissance castle to a real submarine, a new aquarium and fantastic vehicles. The museum´s permanent exhibitions focus on history, natural history, technology and seafaring. There are also about a dozen temporary exhibitions every year.

We are renewing and improving!

January 14–October 25 2019 The Science and Maritime House is closed.

Slottsholmen including the Aquarium, the Castle and the Restaurant are open as usual. Welcome!

The Aquarium

Welcome to our new Aquarium and to a voyage of discovery! Discover animals' fantastic ways of finding food, hiding or deceiving others. Meet fish, reptiles, spiders and other cold-blooded animals eye to eye.

© Matso Pamucina / Malmö Museer

Malmöhus was originally a minor citadel whose construction was ordered in 1434 by Erik of Pomerania, king of the Kalmar Union which brought Norway, Sweden and Denmark together under a single monarch. In the 16th century King Christian III of Denmark and Norway rebuilt the citadel to create a modern defensive fortress, an imposing castle and the home of the Governors of Malmöhus County.

Animals and Nature

Our common nature – about your nature, our nature and nature closest to us, Colour, Form and Function – about the ingenuity of nature and animals, and Skåne dinosaurs and other really old animals – a playful journey from Earth's prehistoric to the present day with focus on Skåne - a journey of 4.6 billion years!

Welcome to Sweden - The refugee camp on Malmö Museum and the white buses 1945

During the end of the World War II, in 1945, Malmö Museum changed from a public museum to a refugee camp for those women and men who survived the Nazi concentration camps.

The Science and Maritime House

© Andreas Rasmusson / Malmö Museer

We are renewing and improving!

January 14–October 25 2019 The Science and Maritime House is closed.



Malmö Museer is responsible for  preservation of the cultural environment and has extensive collections, including those of textiles and photography.

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