Malmö Museer’s digital strategy 2016–2019

Malmö Museer’s digital strategy has been developed at the mandate of Region Skåne 2015 and applies to the period 2016–2019. The strategy is based on the overall goals of the Office for Culture of Region Skåne and the City of Malmö. An action plan will complement the strategy.

Foto: Andreas Nilsson/Malmö Museer

Malmö Museer will integrate the digital perspective in all its activities and the digital experience will enrich the analogue one. Via digital innovations the museum will be at the forefront and will attract new and old visitors, especially children and young people. Teachers and pupils will use Malmö Museer’s learning environment as part of the expanded classroom, both at and outside the museum.

Dialogue and user-generated content in the museum’s activities will be facilitated with the aid of digital tools. The digital strategy will promote diversity, accessibility and contact with new groups having various backgrounds and conditions. 

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